ICYS project approbation

On March 10 , at 15:30 the preliminary discussion for the topics that should be submitted for the International Conference of Young Scientists 2016 (ICYS) will be held at the conference hall of Georgin –American High School.  The conference will be held in Romania on  Klazh -Napoca, on April 16-22 , in which 30 countries are participating. 8 students from our school will defend their works […]

Congratulations! 100% of our school graduates are students, 90% of them are funded

As in previous years, this year all 12th graders have become students. 43  12th graders passing national exams 39 students have been funded out of 43, who passed national exams, i.e. 90% -the highest ranking throughout the country. We congratulate our school graduates and wish them the happiest student years. Tbilisi State University Jabauri Jaba – faculty of economics, 100% Nakopia Nika – […]

Botswana 2018

IJSO – ახალგაზრდა მეცნიერთა XV საერთაშორისო ოლიმპიადა წელს ბოტსვანის დედაქალაქ გაბორონეში გაიმართა. IJSO – ეს მსოფლიოს ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე რთული ოლიმპიადაა, ის 3 საბუნებისმეტყველო საგანში – ფიზიკა, ქიმია და ბილოგია იმართება. ოლიმპიადა 10 დღის განმავლობაში გრძელდება და სამ ტურად ტარდება. მოსწავლეები ერთმანეთს ტესტურ, თეორიულ და ექსპერიმენტალურ დავალებებში ეჯიბრებიან. გუნდის ლიდერები და მოსწავლეები ცალ-ცალკე იმყოფებიან. ლიდერები მონაწილეობენ ოლიმპიადის დავალებების არჩევაში და მათ თარგმნაში, თუმცა ყველა მონაწილე […]


The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program is a US government-sponsored program for secondary school students from 10 of the republics of the former Soviet Union (Eurasia), including Georgia. The program provides scholarship funding for students to travel to the United States, attend a US high school for a full academic year, and live with a […]

The EU Contest

The European Union (EU) Contest for Young Scientists, an initiative of the European Commission, was set up to promote the ideals of co-operation and interchange between young scientists. The EU launched the Contest for Young Scientists back in 1989, with the aim of encouraging young people to get involved in science and eventually embark on […]

Georgian team at the IJSO Olympics

The composition of the Georgian national team was approved at the Young Scientists’ International Olympiad. This year – IJSO will be held in Botswana. The 50 countries are participating in the Olympics. Each team has 6-6 pupils whose age does not exceed 16 years. Students are competing in 3 natural sciences – physics, chemistry and […]

English Olympiad

English language Olympiad GAHS English Olympics Winter Tour was held on December 8. Participants of the Olympics: Basic level of Georgian-American High School – 191 pupils; Below are the classes of the Olympics tasks with the answers. VII Class Exam Tasks Answers VIII Class Exam Tasks Answers IX Class Exam Tasks answers

Tour to the Baltic

On October 22, Ms. Dais Lauberga, Bachelor\’s Manager from Riga Justice School, will visit our school. Upon completion of the Latvian visit, Mamuka Meskhishvili, Director of our School will pay a visit to Latvia and Estonia. It is planned to sign memorandums with the leading English language universities in the Baltic States. Our school already […]

Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society with 93,300 student members in June 2012 in more than 1950 schools . The Mu Alpha Theta National High School and Junior College Mathematics Club was founded in 1957 by Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Andree at the University of Oklahoma. […]

Success in FLEX Program

As in the previous years, Georgian-American High School has a winner in the exchange program financed by the United States Congress – Future Leaders’ Exchange Program.  XI grade student – Givi Makharadze became a finalist of the selection process and he will be studying in American high school and staying with American host family.   […]

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