The Georgian-American High School is equipped with a medical cabinet equipped with medicines and inventories for primary and emergency assistance.

Doctor-pediatrician Ini Baghdavadze has medical certificate in general pediatrics, has experience and is a highly qualified specialist.

The school is paying great attention to the sanitary-hygienic conditions. To this end, the school has a contract with the sanitary service, which conducts disinfecting, deduction and deductions.

In order to prevent the spread of various diseases, the preventive measures are carried out in the scalp. In each class, the doctor performs lectures and prophylactic examinations. If necessary, students are provided with primary and emergency assistance.

The school also has a logotype cabinet that is equipped with the equipment needed for treatment of this disease. Logoped Nana Kereselidze has higher education and holds a certificate in the logo. To ensure that children are speechless and have been trained properly. Logical lessons are conducted in the school. If needed, the logo works individually.

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