Name: Mamuka
Last Name: Meskhishvili
Date of birth: 1966, October 6
Place of Birth: Tbilisi, Georgia
Marital status:
He has a wife and two children, three grandchildren


In 1983, he graduated from Ilia Vekua №42 Physical and Mathematical School with honors (Gold Medal).
In 1983 he passed the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Mechanics – Mathematics, graduated with honors (Red Diploma) in 1988.
In 1988-91 he was a postgraduate student of the Andrew Razmadze Institute of Mathematics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.
In 1990-91 he was assigned to In Moscow, Institute of Problems of Mechanics of the Union of Union of Sciences.
Scientific Quality:
In 1993 he defended the thesis and was awarded the title of candidate for physics-mathematical sciences.
In 2004 he was awarded a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

Professional activity:

From 2003 he is the director of the Georgian-American High School.
In 1996-2003 he worked in the Demirrel Private College, where he taught mathematics in English, guided by the group of societies.
1994-95 was invited to the University of Athens, Greece.
In 1993-97 he worked at the Georgian Technical University in the position of Doctorate.
In 1991-93 she worked as a Doctor of Science at the Tbilisi Educational-Scientific Institute.

More information:

INTEL ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) representative of the International Scientific Conference in Georgia and Executive Director of Georgia Nationa Affiiliated Fair
Is a member of the American Mathematical Union – Mu Alpha Theta.

He speaks English and Russian languages.
Four times it is awarded with the diplomas of the Ministry of Education of Georgia.
He was a Member of Mathematical Republic Olympiads and Conferences Jury.

1998-2002 Soros Educational Foundation Grants.

2001 He was elected as Deputy Chairman of Mathematics Teachers Union.

2013 Monograph – issued a three-minute problem.

His last years work published on the site:

It is included in all time, between the best mathematician of the perfect parallel researcher (together with Eiler)

In the international mathematical competitions of the following students were the head of the Georgian mathematical team:

Is the head of Georgian mathematical team in mathematical competitions of pupils:


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