Success in Holland: An International Conference of Young Scientists was held in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on the dates of April 16-23, 2012. Our school has regularly been representing our country on the conference since 2004. The Georgian Team this year consisted of 11 students from Georgian-American High School and one student from I. Vekua #42 School.

It is worth to note that the geographical area for the conference has significantly been expanded, this year representing 22 countries and having 168 participants. Our group in the section of Mathematics was successful; we earned two bronze medals and one special prize.

The following students became the winners:

  • Ana Davitashvili – Special Prize (Mathematics);
  • Mirian Meskhishvili – Special Prize (Mathematics
  • Tsotne Mamalashvili – Bronze Medal (Mathematics);
  • Beka Chkhartishvili – Bronze Medal (Mathematics);
  • Irakli Saralidze – Bronze Medal (Mathematics);
  • Tornike Abramishvili – Bronze Medal (Mathematics);
  • Aleksander Barnaveli – Bronze Medal (Physics);

We need to note that the conference was brilliantly organized, having each day full of different activities. The Disneyland, A Boat-Tour, The Aarnem Zoo, The Madam T Museum of Amsterdam, and all other various sightseeings have made an unforgettable influence on our students. 

The following, 12th International conference will be held in Indonesia, the invitation to which has already been granted to the team of Georgian-American High School.

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